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Quote's I Live By

"You can have everything, they just don't tell you how hard you have to work for it"


"Genius isn't enough, it takes courage to change peoples hearts"

"God likes to test me cause he knows I like to fight the fight" 

"My presence will command respect when I walk in a room"

"She's an old soul that's already happened"

"There's always a new battle everyday that I'm willing to fight" 

"You don't get to quit, it's not an option"

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Daniela Rena was born in Texas to Anna Parris, raised by her grandfather - Johnnie Gonzales in Houston, Texas as the youngest granddaughter. She discovered her love of performing at the age of six with appearances in kids' ads for Sears and Foleys. Throughout her developing years, she dedicated to her athletic career in regards to receiving scholars at Norwich and Rice Universty. Shortly after contributing seventeen years in her athletic career to pursue law in US Armed Forces. Her start was destined for her by her now head representative, Lydia Blanco Garza. Lydia's anchor immediately skyrocketed her to a profound love of acting. The beginning efforts have put Daniela in multiple lead roles in commercial's, television, film, and campaigns nationally. Aiming for more has her passion breaking into the international market along side her team of three. Daniela's entertainment career debut is credited to the coming soon on screen "Strings" as "Rocio".

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Remember be good to one another, be kind to one another and love one another

- Daniela

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