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Everyday is a chance. A chance many don't take to pursue their purpose. Everyday is chance to be a better you. To push your own work ethic, to take in criticism and strive with it. Strive with recognition, heart, passion, and passion to move better than the next. Better than your last move rather. Allow it all to reflect in your works.       -Daniela  

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Quote's I Live By
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"Beauty is the gift of God"


"Genius isn't enough, it takes courage to change peoples hearts"

"She's conservative, but she's got secrets"

"God likes to test me cause he knows I like to fight the fight" 

"My presence will command respect when I walk in a room"

"She's an old soul that's already happened"

"There's always a new battle everyday that I'm willing to fight" 

"You don't get to quit Daniela, it's not an option"

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To My Supporters

Believe in yourself...

Remember be good to one another, be kind to one another and love one another

- Daniela



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